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Lia Gets Her First Wheelchair!

Lia is 3 years old and just received her first wheelchair yesterday. The process began months ago when her mother, Doris, took the first step and requested a wheelchair for her daughter at Yancana Huasy. Lia was seen by an … Continue reading

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Posture, wheelchairs and AAC

We worked with kids today – a challenging and rewarding time but a long day. After a parent group session led by a psychologist, families were asked to demonstrate how they position their children for sleeping at night. They had … Continue reading

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Friends Arrive and Preparing for Kids

For the last week there were just three of us – Sammie, Vania (interpreter) and Tamara. Over the weekend our team grew by seven people for a total of ten. We are small but powerful and will work together all … Continue reading

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The Arrival!

Anticipation was high when we arrived at Yancana Huasy this morning at 11:15. The truck hauling a trailer with our wheelchair filled container was on the way! Police came to handle any possible conflicts with disgruntled drivers or others when … Continue reading

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Changing schedules and capacity building

Our schedule keeps changing as we await our shipping container from customs. It was originally expected to be available yesterday; but our bills of lading (important, negotiable, original documents) took a circuitous DHL courier route to Peru. They should have … Continue reading

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Climbing Mountains in Lima

Hiking is fun, but the climbing we did today was entirely different as we made home visits to see Yancana Huasy families. And what if the hiking involved carrying a child on your back not just for fun, but because … Continue reading

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