Emily’s Story

Emily's artwork

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A little girl from Missoula, Montana, Emily, age 6, is part of Eleanore’s Project. She shared her artwork and the money in her piggy bank to help give a wheelchair for a little boy in Jordan. According to her grandmother, Emily has a picture of Mohammed and prays for him at bedtime. She is now working on making teddy bears for children in Africa, and wants to call it “Emily’s Project”. Emily shows us that there are no barriers to sharing from a compassionate heart. Anyone can help Eleanore’s Project!

This 3 year old boy mentioned in Emily’s story, Mohammed, had begun walking by the time we arrived with a wheelchair for him! Since this was not expected it was a real blessing. As it happened, he has an older sister with cerebral palsy who received a wheelchair, and his chair went to another child who was not on our original list. Nothing is ever wasted!

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