Meetings today, then home

This morning we awakened at our guesthouse in Lima. We rose not to Arequipa bird calls or the silence of Chivay in the Colca Valley (where five of us visited on Sunday and Monday). Instead there were the sounds and bustle of this big city and, of course, the 24/7 party at the bars across the street! Our friends in Lima are finding it chilly as summer wanes. One sister looked at us in surprise as we went out to meet friends last night, asking us why we were not wearing jackets! We were quite comfy in our shirts, after wearing vests and coats while we were further south and at 8,000 feet above sea level in Arequipa. Yesterday we parted with Hugh and Barb Sheehy at the Lima airport, as they headed home to Montana. Now it is Rick, Julian, Sammie and me left for one more day in Lima.

Today we have meetings – not exciting in the same way as the wheelchair clinics, but every bit as essential to our long term goals in Peru. On Saturday morning we met with Jorge Paricoto of Equip KIDS for de-briefing after our joint efforts in Arequipa. Today we will do the same with our colleagues at Yancana Huasy and there is an exciting twist as we plan the beginning of a manufacturing program for wheelchair postural supports. We hope that next year all the extra seat belts, anterior chest supports, abductors (knee separators), wheelchair trays and foot straps that we need will be made for us here in Lima and we will not be shipping them from the United States. Stay tuned for news about this development that will offer work opportunities for individuals with disabilities and parents of kids who have received wheelchairs! We will begin our day at Yancana Huasy in a few minutes when Rufino picks us up with a bundle and two big suitcases filled with materials and tools that will be left here for next years work, the manufacturing project, and for use in the Yancana Huasy program over the next year.

At 3 PM we will meet with Dr. Roberto Tarazona, medical director at Caritas del Peru, our consignee and partner in bringing wheelchairs into Peru duty free. After completing our de-briefing with him, we will proceed to the airport to await our flights home. With any luck we will be able to access the internet there and report on our day as we await our flights.

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