Wheelchair Clinic, Day 1: Yancana Huasy

We began our first clinic day waiting for our ride to Yancana Huasy. When Rufino (the driver) arrived in the Yancana Huasy van, we wondered if 16 people could possibly fit with 5 suitcases of tools and materials as well. Thank goodness for the luggage rack on top, where the bags rode safely while we all squeezed inside. It was fun to see the reactions of new team members as Rufino resolutely drove through the illegal market located around the entrance to Yancana Huasy.

Our clinic was set up and we began working by 10 AM and one of the first three young people to arrive was Pedro. At age 26 he had never had a wheelchair and long years of lying in one position had flattened his body. After hours of work Sammie and her crew of students and other helpers had him sitting up comfortably and looking good by the end of the day.


Sammie held Pedro on her lap to get an idea of how his body worked when he was upright.


Pedro and his mother with the completed wheelchair.

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