Persistent Parents

Friday, March 30 was our last work day here in Puerto Maldonado and we finished early. We were all most impressed by Ranoldo, a two year old boy, and his wonderful, persistent parents.

On Tuesday night they appeared at our hotel in the big rain storm, having heard that we are here and in hopes that we might be able to help Ranoldo even though he was not signed up to receive a wheelchair. Wednesday morning they came again and watched through the windows as we worked with other kids – but we did not expect to have anything for Ranoldo.

Fast forward to Friday morning. A child who was to have received a Kid Kart a few days ago never came, so Ranoldo’s mother was called and told that there was a wheelchair for him! She arrived and called her husband, a mototaxi driver, to join her. They spoke of going to church every day this week to pray for a wheelchair for Ranoldo, and asked for any and all information we could share with them to support his development. So Ranoldo got everything we had to offer! A night-time postural care plan to address his scoliosis, handouts on feeding and body mechanics for lifting him, and demonstration of therapy techniques to help him develop head and trunk control and weightbearing through his knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.

Ranoldo, his parents and Angelica (Lions Club) as they were ready to leave

At the end of the morning Ranoldo was ready for a nap and went on his way with his parents, and we were left with admiration for this persistent and committed mother and father.

And as a sequel, after attending a parent meeting on Friday afternoon, they asked for a follow-up therapy visit for more ideas on how to work with Ranoldo! The time is set for 9 am, Sunday morning before the last of our team leaves for Lima.


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