Seika – A new mover

Seika (right) with Kristin, one of the St. Kate's OT students

Today we had one of those rare privileges that sometimes come our way on an Eleanore’s Project expedition. We got to see someone move themselves for the very first time.

Seika is a very bright and willful 15 year old young woman who got her first wheelchair ever today. She was able to propel it by herself.

We who are able bodied so take for granted the freedom that self propulsion gives us. We can choose to go there now. Or not, as we please. Seika was given that opportunity for the first time today. It was such a joy to see the look on her face – to watch her very carefully not go where others wanted her to and to see her determination to explore new places that were previously off limits to her. I tried to get video of her, but for some reason, my camera did not get it. Rats! All I have is a picture of her running away from me, and somehow, that is as fitting a picture of Seika as one could have.

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