Surprise – We Finished

Chris, Tamara and Ana assemble a wheelchair

Chris (left), Tamara (middle) and Ana (right) put a specialized stroller back together.

I would not have believed we could do it, but by 6:15 p.m. tonight we had completed all wheelchair assignments. In a huge cooperative effort, all the equipment was sorted and Yancana Huasy and Equip KIDS personnel had packed or were packing their chairs and other equipment for shipping. Trucks will carry the equipment across town and across the country to Puerto Maldonado (where we will work in two weeks) and Cusco (where we will not work but Equip KIDS will fit wheelchairs in April).

This morning we arrived to masses of wheelchairs that had been moved by warehouse workers in our absence. It nearly required levitation skills to move around and felt quite overwhelming.

The pile of wheelchairs

By the end of the day, assigned chairs were boxed or lined up for packaging, the previously full area alloted to us was empty, and we were all ready for the end of our work day!

Wheelchairs ready to be loaded

The team grouped the wheelchairs by their final destination of Yancana Huasy, Cusco or Puerto Maldonado.

Empty warehouse

The empty space where the wheelchairs lived until we finished sorting and loading them onto trucks.

Sammie and I are looking forward to our “weekend” on Thursday and Friday as we rest, visit with friends, and prepare for the Saturday education sessions and arrival of the rest of our team in the wee hours of Sunday morning. We purchased a bottle of Peruvian wine at a little shop around the corner and will share a toast tonight – to good work and to rest!

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