To the Warehouse

After an exhausting day on Tuesday, we are ready to go and do it again. This year there is a new wrinkle that is adding hours to our work of sorting the wheelchairs to be sent to different locations: the large boxes pictured in the last post.

While they might seem like a good way to protect equipment in the shipping container, stack chairs more easily and keep parts together, they add a huge hurdle for us here. The boxes are so large and heavy (with 2-3 wheelchairs in each one) that only the men can manage them, a disadvantage in our largely female group. We must remove the chairs from the boxes to assign them to kids in different locations before repacking them in the boxes for shipping across town or across the country.

I am dreading the final count as they are loaded into trucks, when the warehouse manager stands with his clipboard and counts each item to be sure it matches the packing list. We are a day behind where we should be in this process, and yesterday Sammie developed a cold – wish us luck today!

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