Tuesday – Day 2 at Yancana Huasy (now with photos!)

Rufino arrived before 8 am this morning to transport us and we beat a lot of traffic to arrive for an earlier start in the clinic. After finding things that were mislaid in the move yesterday afternoon, we settled in to work with several kids – some of whom were already known to us.

Brian before his new chair

Brian came to us for a chair a few years ago, but it was stolen when his family had nowhere to store it securely overnight.

Sammie and I remembered Bryan from the past, and were surprised to see him slumped in a folding wheelchair with no postural support. His scoliosis looked worse. I asked some questions, and learned that what happened was robbery. Bryan’s family was living in rented quarters with no room to keep the wheelchair safe, so when not in use it was left downstairs until one day it disappeared. This is not as unusual as you might think – over the years we have learned that wheelchairs can be a lucrative commodity when people need money and other people with money need wheelchairs.

Bryan spent most of the day with Kim and at the end of it he looked so much more comfortable in his new tilt in space wheelchair! And his family has moved to different housing where there is a secure place to keep this wheelchair safe for Bryan to use.

Brian after

Brian in his new wheelchair that supports and aligns his body properly.


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