A Projector for Eleanore’s Project

Early this morning, I was the presenter at the Southside Lions Club in Missoula. I had made the arrangements with a fellow named Dick Larson, a retired fire fighter. I told him that I had a laptop and a PowerPoint presentation that I would be happy to share with the club, but I said that I did not have a projector, and inquired whether he would have access to one. He indicated that he did, and would provide one for my use.

As usual, I set up the projector and laptop and did the presentation. I noticed that the projector was a really nice compact one, and looked new. People were attentive, and asked questions; it seemed to go well. As I was putting my stuff away after the meeting, Dick came up to me and said, “Why don’t you stick that projector in your pack.” I was stunned! His generosity was overwhelming. At first I wasn’t sure that I had heard him correctly.

I had to ask him, “You want to give this projector to Eleanore’s Project?” He assured me that he did.

He went on to explain, “I have a budget for charitable giving, and one of the groups I supported, their overhead just kept increasing. I wanted to give to someone where I knew how the money would be used. You obviously needed a projector, so there you are.”

I was so glad that we have maintained Eleanore’s Project as a 100% efficient non-profit. All donations, unless otherwise specified, go 100% to provide wheelchair services for the children – never for administrative costs or other overhead. As a result, we do not spend money on infrastructure items – like a projector – that do not serve the mission directly.

This projector is an especially compact and durable model – great for travel. Dick obviously went to some trouble to choose a high quality unit that would have the features that we need. We do presentations to service clubs and conferences here in Montana. In Peru and other places, we do educational presentations to parent groups, therapists, and to our team. Sometimes for these presentations in Peru we have all had to bunch around a laptop in order to see the slides. Now we will be able to do more presentations and provide our own projector in areas where such technological marvels are not common. I don’t think it is overstating things to call this a game changer for us. It gives us a whole new capability.

This is an especially useful gift for Eleanore’s Project. The fact that it is a high quality unit that will meet our needs so well speaks highly of Dick and his generosity. It made my day.
You never know what gifts will come your way when you wake up in the morning.

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