International Day of the Woman

Friday, March 8 was our last day in Lima for a week. We spent it at Yancana Huasy and had a delightful surprise as Sammie, Mary Beth and I climbed out of the van inside the Yancana Huasy compound.

We were greeted by a male Yancana employee, who proceeded to pin a heart on each of us printed with a motto about the International Day of the Woman! This was accompanied by a “Princessa” chocolate. I learned about this special day here in Peru, where people really like to celebrate! After a morning of other activities, Jose Antonio Quispe (Executive Director of Yancana Huasy) treated us to lunch with several female members of the Yancana team in honor of the day.

Receiving my heart and chocolate Friday morning - part of the fun was the surprise!

Receiving my heart and chocolate Friday morning – part of the fun was the surprise!

After our lunch Rufino drove us to the airport for our flight to Arequipa, and we arrived here around 6:30. Today has revolved around getting our bearings in a new part of town, resolving the almost obligatory internet problems, sorting out housekeeping details (we can do laundry here, thank goodness!) and resting. A two hour nap felt so good…

Today five people arrived and tomorrow Rick and Laura will land at the airport around 7:30 am and on Monday our final team member arrives fresh from the International Seating Symposium. We will post introductions once everyone is here.

Also on the docket tomorrow is set up for the clinics. The wheelchairs arrived today after a long trip overland that was delayed by a river flooding. The large boxes of chairs are all unloaded at the clinic site, but now they must be unboxed and assembled in time for the first batch of children on Monday. Preparation is everything!

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