Big and little wheelchair riders

At the end of the day we had the fun of seeing a tiny boy, age two, experience the freedom of moving on his own for the first time. Pedro arrived early this morning, and it took all day to complete his chair. He required a very special back support that was constructed from scratch and other modifications. By late afternoon he was the only child left. While he had been placed in and out of his wheelchair numerous times for various fittings, he had not propelled it yet.

It was after 6 pm by the time the last stitches were made in his back cushion cover and the last piece of velcro was in place. At last Pedro was able to sit in his wheelchair, and with encouragement from everyone began to move on his own!

Our team member Ed is a wheelchair rider himself. It was a wonderful sight to see Pedro’s eyes light up as he began to follow Ed and then play “bumper cars” with him! And the eyes of Pedro’s mother were lit up as well – with joy. What a fine way to end the day.

Ed and Pedro having fun together

Ed and Pedro having fun together

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