Birthdays and Wheelchairs

Today our team member Chie had a birthday. Barb, the faculty advisor had one earlier in the week. We decided that it would be fun to have a birthday cake for both of them. I hatched a plan with our Peruvian friend Margot. She went out and purchased a beautiful chocolate cake complete with cherries and candles. We kept it a surprise until our lunch time – about 1:30. At that point, we got the cake out to everyone’s surprise. Chie blew out the candles. We sang “Happy Birthday” in English and in Castellano, the Spanish spoken in Peru. Then our Peruvian friends insisted that their custom was that the birthday person have a bite of the cake before cutting it, “La mordida”. Below is a picture of Chie taking a bite of the cake!

Chie bites her cake

Chie bites her cake

Happy Birthday Chie!

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