Today we were greeted by a banner welcoming us to this week of work at Yancana Huasy. The first day of clinics is usually challenging as we unpack and organize materials, tools and wheelchair accessories. Today was no different.

Welcome banner at Yancana Huasy

Welcome banner at Yancana Huasy






All of the children who attended today were from CEMDIS, and under the age of 6 years. At that age and stage parents are discovering their child’s unique combination of challenges and capabilities. One such little girl named Juliette surprised her mother today. Laura was entertaining her with a musical toy as she was lying well supported on her back while Pam and Karissa worked on her wheelchair. As Laura held the toy within her reach, Juliette reached out with her fisted hand and pushed the button to play the music. Her mother had never seen Juliette do anything like this before and was astonished as she watched her daughter repeatedly play the music by hitting the button! Today Juliette and her mother both learned something new about her capabilities.

Juliette surprised her mother today!

Juliette surprised her mother today!

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2 Responses to Surprises

  1. Ana Cecilia says:

    Every year was a pleasure work with each one. Sincerily I miss it!!!
    Just I want to say thank you for all the best thing that you do.
    Finally, add something. Actually is CEMPDIS ( in Spanish: ” Centro de empoderamiento de personas con discapacidad”).
    Blessings to all.
    Ana Cecilia

  2. Adrienne Guelker says:

    way to go!! Wonderful work!!! So proud to be a small part of Eleanore’s Project.

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