It’s just like riding a bicycle

Once you learn, the knowledge always comes back. And so it is every year that we return to Peru. After the initial chaos of sorting through wheelchairs and unpacking boxes, we slip into the simple rhythm of the clinic. A church – emptied out and gifted to us for the week. Mat tables – one for each therapist/student team. Wheelchairs – selected ahead of time, one for each child. Families – eager and anxious to see their child’s new mobility equipment come together, piece by piece. Yancana Huasy – once again, welcoming us into their family. Even though it’s been nearly five years since I was able to join Eleanore’s Project, these things stay the same.

Yesterday, we fit wheelchairs for six kids, one of whom received a wheelchair from us a few years ago. Today, we’ll see another five. The clinic will be ready for them soon, and the Eleanore’s Project family will grow yet again.

View from above the wheelchair clinic. there are six stations, each one with several people gathered around measuring children for wheelchairs.

Our wheelchair clinic on the first morning, shortly after children and their families arrived for fitting.

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