The 2016 Eleanore’s Project team arrives

Here we are after dinner tonight, 20 strong! Ready to start the clinic tomorrow.

In the Centro Peyton dining hall after dinner

In the Centro Peyton dining hall after dinner


Counterclockwise from left front: Sammie Wakefield, Marcia Marsh, Rick Aldred, Mary Beth Long, Kim Davis, Barb Gilbertson, Emma Steven, Laura Miklautsch, Alan Donaldson, Claudia Moya, Carla Granja, Shelley Hunter, Tim Hunter, Rachel Vander Lee, Erica Buller, Anna Bernard, Scott Valentine, Brian Burkhart, Tamara Kittelson-Aldred, Julian Kittelson-Aldred.

These people hail from California, Ecuador, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Quebec! They bring a myriad of skills to Eleanore’s Project and we are so glad to have them.



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