When laughing is contagious

Have you ever heard a laugh so infectious that you have to laugh along? That was Fabrizio as he propelled himself in his first wheelchair for the first time. Fabrizio is a really active little guy with cerebral palsy. He can sit and crawl but he cannot walk and had never had a wheelchair before. At age 4, he was ready to move in new ways!

As he waited while the wheelchair was readied for him, Fabrizio was absorbed in musical toys including a special “Dora” one from Laura’s magical toy bag. Once in his new chair Fabrizio was not too keen on touching the wheels at first, but after being shown hand over hand how the chair could move he began to experiment. Inch by inch he pushed the wheels back and forth – until a bigger push really caused him to roll and a peal of laughter erupted. What a look of joy on his face!

Fabrizio’s glee made everyone around him happy!

We all enjoyed Fabrizio’s delight in movement – and the cackle of glee that burst out each time he gave a big push and rolled!

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