Climbing Mountains in Lima

Hiking is fun, but the climbing we did today was entirely different as we made home visits to see Yancana Huasy families. And what if the hiking involved carrying a child on your back not just for fun, but because it was the only way to travel?

Today we rode as far as possible with Rufino in the Yancana Huasy van, with Elizabeth (OT), Sandra (PT) and Margot (social worker). When we could go no further we began to walk up the mountain, on cement steps, until they ended in a dirt path that took us to our destination.

Beginning the climb

Many more steps after these, followed by a path.

Almost there









Entrance/exit way to the home









It was the home of an 11 year old girl whose mother carries her, on her back, up and down the mountain when she leaves home. Obviously leaving home is a lot of work for her mother, who has two other children as well, so it does not happen often. She receives home therapy once per week with a Yancana therapist. Because her mother has embraced the value of 24 hour posture care she is benefiting from therapeutic positioning throughout the day and night.

As we climbed up and down we saw positive signs of development in addition to the steps – installation of water and sewer lines is happening! We are told that neighborhoods on the mountainside begin without such benefits but over time the city provides them. Today we saw men hard at work bringing these amenities to the families whose homes cling to the mountainside.

Workers installing water system

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