The Arrival!

Anticipation was high when we arrived at Yancana Huasy this morning at 11:15. The truck hauling a trailer with our wheelchair filled container was on the way! Police came to handle any possible conflicts with disgruntled drivers or others when the avenue was blocked by the huge truck. We waited for first sight of the truck through traffic as our friend Rufino guided the driver after he got lost finding our location.

Waiting for word on the truck

Breaking the container seal – sealed since January in South Dakota.










At last it arrived. I felt so excited to see the safe arrival of equipment and materials that are so precious to those awaiting them! A cadre of parents waited to unload and carry the boxed wheelchairs and accessories through the market safely to their destination. The families of kids receiving wheelchairs through Yancana Huasy are very involved; in addition to attending education on wheelchairs, 24 hour posture care and other topics, they volunteer time to clean and prepare storage space. And today, unloaded and moved boxed wheelchairs and other materials as we sorted them. What an amazing team of families and Yancana Huasy staff!

Strong women

Everything is in!








It took 35 minutes to completely unload the truck. Preliminary sorting has taken place and everything is safe inside Yancana Huasy and Our Lord of Hope Parish (where their large space will become a wheelchair clinic next week). We are tired but happy, and gratified that everything went so well. By Sunday there will be 10 of us here to work the first week. We will spend Monday assembling wheelchairs and setting up the workshop space, then work with kids starting Tuesday. It’s all good.

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