Hola Todos – from our 2019 OT students

Thursday was our fourth day and our week is coming to a close. Over this past week we have learned valuable information from OT professionals, ATP technicians, and the families of children who we have been fortunate to work with. Thursday posed some complex cases, but we felt more prepared to take on the challenge and fit the children appropriately in their wheelchairs.

Hayley in action with the drill

Emily and Megan at the sewing station

Kyla and his dad work on the wheelchair for a sweet boy named Jesus

Emily and Kara prepare a wheelchair for its new owner

These are the top 32 things we have learned in the past 32 hours of work.
1. Respecting the different culture and viewpoints when providing care
2. Understanding that we are here to support the sustainability of this program
3. How to move an axle on a wheelchair to make it easier to self-propel
4. How to assemble and disassemble a Kid Chair
5. How to change casters
6. How to customize a back rest
7. Always buy Pringles
8. Foam in Place
9. How to use a hot knife
10. The multiple uses of a turkey carver
11. How to take wheelchair parts that do not belong together and make them work
12. How to use an interpreter properly
13. How to educate parents on how to care for the wheelchair and 24-hour postural care
14. Different saw blades for different materials, wood versus metal
15. How to countersink
16. How to sew small, medium, and large wheelchair accessories
17. How to complete a mat assessment
18. How to properly measure the child to make adjustments on a wheelchair
19. How to utilize limited resources
20. Don’t forget your water when you brush your teeth
21. Integrating specific Spanish phrases to more effectively communicate with other therapists and families
22. The importance of rest breaks
23. Interpersonal communication
24. Collaboration across all professionals
25. Spray glue is cool and has many uses
26. How to make chest straps
27. Knowing what questions are important to ask about occupations and wheelchairs
28. Look at the ability instead of the disability
29. Understanding the importance of professional volunteer perspectives
30. Importance of parental views
31. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
32. Elevate your feet at night

The six of us have learned so much more than this list, but the practical information that we have learned will continue to help us in our future careers.

Emily D, Emily H, Megan, Hayley, Kara, & Kyla
The St. Kate’s OT Students

**33. Do not feed the birds

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