Mission & Vision

The following statements guide the work and activities of Eleanore’s Project.


Move. Kids are all about movement and exploring their world. Eleanore’s Project brings mobility to kids with disabilities so that they, too, can set out on adventures.

Speak. Whether they can use their voices or not, kids need to express themselves to those around them. Eleanore’s Project promotes alternative communication methods for kids who need other options.

Learn. Eleanore’s Project is committed to providing support and education to families, as well as to teachers and therapists who work with our wheelchair recipients.

Thrive. When kids have the mobility and communication tools they need and the people around them are educated about these resources, everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Mission Statement

Proper adaptive equipment for mobility, sign language and an alternative communication system opened the world for Eleanore. Family education and a supportive community helped her family thrive with her, and adjust to losing her. These provide a focus for the mission of Eleanore’s Project, which is:

To improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families through education and through innovative projects that have potential to produce lasting change. This shall be accomplished by:

  1. Collaborating with other established non-profit organizations in provision of adaptive equipment to assist with functional mobility, and education regarding successful use of the same;
  2. Engaging in activities that help foster communication in deaf or otherwise non-verbal children, particularly those with multiple disabilities;
  3. Participating in programs that deal specifically with issues of adjustment, grief, and loss faced by families experiencing the birth, life and/or death of children with disabilities; and
  4. Engaging in other activities in collaboration with groups and communities as they work to improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families. Project activities will occur in resource-limited areas of the world.

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