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Warehouse Work is Done!!!

The fact that we finished all our organization and loading work at the Caritas del Peru warehouse in one day plus a couple of hours yesterday feels like a miracle, but it is true! This morning we arrived at Caritas … Continue reading

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From Postural Care to the Warehouse

Sammie and I had a wonderful morning at Yancana Huasy. Twelve mothers and their children attended a special session on night-time postural care, consisting of a presentation (translated by our amazing friend Luis) followed by a practical session. At least … Continue reading

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Postural Care – Teaching and Home Visits

This morning brought the great pleasure of teaching a class on 24 hour postural care, attended by therapists and other professionals from Yancana Huasy and other community based rehabilitation organizations in Lima. In addition to the formal presentation there was lots … Continue reading

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Hurry up and wait…

Sammie and I are here in Lima, our shipment is here as well, but we will likely not see the contents of our containers until Thursday. As these things go there are delays beyond our control, but there is always … Continue reading

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