Sponsor a wheelchair, sponsor a child. Donate today and change a child's life forever.

Each year, mothers bring their children to Eleanore’s Project wheelchair clinics through the only means possible: on their backs. For many of the children we serve, their only experiences of going outside the house have happened on their mother’s backs.

While Peru does manufacture some wheelchairs, they are so costly that most families cannot afford to purchase equipment for their child with disabilities. By bringing high-quality new and refurbished wheelchairs into the country and fitting them at no cost to families, Eleanore’s Project gets kids off their parents’ backs and into the supportive wheelchair systems they need.

Without a wheelchair, activities like attending school, sitting at table with family and friends and going out in the community are just a dream for these children.

Change a child’s life…for good.

Your $300 sponsorship will provide a custom-fit wheelchair for a child or teenager. Consider sponsoring a wheelchair with a group of friends or coworkers.

Give online or mail in your donation today.

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